Do it yourself Floating phantoms and grinning skulls 17 October 2016 ZigZagMom Halloween is knocking at your door but when you open up there’s nobody there! Watch out! That’s because your house is being haunted by ghosts! Not scary ones though. No, these are funny, round, fat ones that hang around your house with […] Read more
Do it yourself How to customize your notebooks with stencils by ZigZagMom 7 October 2016 ZigZagMom Eyes wide open, ears pricked and beak shut: the owl (“il gufo”) is really the perfect student! With those big eyes that make him look like he is always wearing nerdy glasses. Not to mention his perfect manners like a true gentleman. Who […] Read more
Travel with kids Travelling through space with a child’s imagination 29 September 2016 Family Welcome If we take a look at the biographies of the world’s most famous astronomers, it would seem that scientific calling is something that appears very early in life, something you discover as a child. In my case, the attraction of […] Read more
Il Gufo Magazine IL GUFO PREFERS MERINO WOOL. KIDS KNOW WHY 23 September 2016 Il Gufo A short story where our little hero dreams about distant places where traps and strange characters will put him to the test. The only supporter is an inseparable, soft and resistant jumper made with Merino wool. Will the little kid […] Read more
Il Gufo Magazine IL GUFO PREFERS MERINO WOOL. KIDS KNOW WHY 6 September 2016 Il Gufo Il Gufo and The Woolmark Company: a video contest to tell what children naturally know. Il Gufo has launched an international video contest asking for material that would put in scene, in the most spontaneous and genuine approach as possible, […] Read more
Style stories An everyFIAMMISday with IL GUFO – A Summer Day in the City 21 July 2016 Fiammisday Summer is here. The days alternate between blazing sunshine, light wind, sudden storms, and the need to wear a jacket. We can’t wait to stay out late, go to the seaside for a few days, and leave our worries behind us. […] Read more
Style stories Future sister look by Lena Terlutter 15 June 2016 Lena Terlutter Time flies – I am already in my last trimester of my pregnancy and of course I have already shopped so many beautiful things for my future baby.  In cooperation with the Italian kids brand il gufo I combined and styled some „ future sister […] Read more
Style stories Summer is in the air by Sweet As a Candy 10 June 2016 Federica Piccinini Hello everybody, here I am, back with a new post dedicated to three outfits that I chose for a nearly-summer afternoon with my kids. A few days ago I took them with me to the Serre at the Giardini Margherita […] Read more
Travel with kids From the mountains to the sea, discover Calabria, the ideal destination for a holiday with kids 7 June 2016 Family Welcome For as long as I can remember, for me, spring has always meant Calabria. The vivid colours, the yellow and lilac of the gorse and the blossoming clover, the emerald green of the sea and the deeper green of the […] Read more
Do it yourself Decorative letters with flowers for kids by ZigZagMom 27 May 2016 ZigZagMom There is nothing better than flowers to welcome the summer months. All you need is a few wild flowers, quite a bit of greenery and a little creativity to transform an ordinary bouquet into an object that says something about you. […] Read more
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